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Memorial For Byron Sauriol

We started 2018 out by learning of the passing of two of our long
time members. We lost both Doug Crowe and Byron Sauriol. Today
I want to post The Memorial for Byron, and in a few days will post 
​The Memorial for Doug. Byron's Memorial was written by his close friend and fellow Friendly Flyer Brother Dave Fielder.

Longtime Giant Scale Warbirds member and avid modeler Byron W. Sauriol, age 76 of Covington, Georgia passed away on the morning of December 30, 2017. As most of you know, Byron was a proud Navy Veteran where he was a pilot. After his retirement, he continued flying following his Navy Career flying as a Corporate Pilot for Interlake Steel, and then worked in the IT Field for several years.
​Byron enjoyed building and flying WWII scale airplanes, especially his beloved Skyraider. He was an active member of several local flying clubs and one of those people whom I especially enjoyed flying. Byron wrote and published the book "122 trips North" of Skyraider and A-6 Intruder missions he flew into North Viet Nam. His Skyraider model was painted to accurately depict the plane he flew on many of those missions.
​Byron was a fellow Naval Aviator and a friend not only to me but to so many other members of our flying community. He will be missed as he contributed more than he knew to our hobby and the quality of our lives.

Please see the new updated E-Mail page. The old page was pretty much non-functional and didn't work half the time. We've done away with the form and listed the two club E-mail addresses for the
​members as well as non-members to use. For contact, Use:
For pictures and videos, use:


2018 Annual Friendly Flyers Club Meeting

This past Saturday, February 10, 2018, The Friendly Flyers Model Airplane Club had our annual meeting. It was a positive event. Some of the highlites were: The officers for this year will continue to be the same as last year which are President: Chris Hulen - Vice President: Drayton Kines - Secretary Treasurer: Ed Gruba. The feeling was If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It, and it wasn't broke, so Welcome Back Guys ! 
​We figure we have about 66 active members. We have a few new members as well as a few more that are interested, and of course Doug Crowe and Byron Sauriol passed on recently, so we said our goodbyes to Two Good Friends. We also discussed having a work day at the field soon to work on the building and some possible work to the runway. We also decided we would have a fun-fly to include flying events, light eating, swap meet ect. We will also have a few float-fly days at Tom's Pond. Dates to be published here as they are decided. As you know by now, our Club Web Site is up and running. We ask the members to share some pictures, videos and anything else that would be an interest to the club in general. We are looking forward to a Fun Filled 2018 at The Friendly Flyers Model Airplane Club.

Club And Field Update​

We are now in the Winter Season here in Georgia, and that means
although we fly our model airplanes the Year Round, there will be
fewer good flying days available to us due to increased windy days
​and colder temperatures. That doesn't mean though, that we are
inactive. There will still be good days to go to the field and fly and
​visit with our friends, and of course next month is our annual meeting. I keep the site updated through the winter, but there might
​be fewer updates as the activity of the club is lower this time of year.
​For those of you that have pictures you want posted, please send them as an e-mail sttachment to me at Merry Christmas and keep them flying !