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Site Updated 11-5-17

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 We Are Having A Swap Meet And Fun Fly​ 
   See Details Below ! 

We had our Swap Meet / Fun Fly last Sunday as
planned, and the turnout was good. Unfortunatly,
​the weather didn't cooporate. The temps have 
been in the 60s here, but the day of the event, I
don't think they even got into the 40s, plus the wind
was gusting to around 25 knots, so obviously there
was No Flying, and we couldn't even lay our swap
​items out unattended because of the high wind. 
There was a good turnout under the circumstances,
​so some good fellowship was had. We do intend to
try again in the spring, so keep watching out on our
site here for details later on and announcements
​as things unfold with our Flying Club.