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Site Updated 11-29-17

Details added​ about FloatFly @ Tom's
​Pond this Saturday, 12-2-17

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 We Are Having A Swap Meet And Fun Fly​ 
   See Details Below ! 

We had our Swap Meet / Fun Fly last Sunday as
planned, and the turnout was good. Unfortunatly,
​the weather didn't cooporate. The temps have 
been in the 60s here, but the day of the event, I
don't think they even got into the 40s, plus the wind
was gusting to around 25 knots, so obviously there
was No Flying, and we couldn't even lay our swap
​items out unattended because of the high wind. 
There was a good turnout under the circumstances,
​so some good fellowship was had. We do intend to
try again in the spring, so keep watching out on our
site here for details later on and announcements
​as things unfold with our Flying Club.

            Float Fly @ Tom's Pond

We are having a Float Fly at Tom's Pond this Saturday, 12-2-17, from 9AM till 1PM. To get to Tom's Pond, go to Mansfield Georgia on route 11, turn right at Haye's Tractor on state Rt 213, go approx. 1 mile and Pond is on the right. You can also access it from Hwy. 36 south out of Covington, take a left on Rt. 213. Go approx 3 miles and pond will be on left.

Club And Field Update

We are now in the Winter Season here in Georgia, and that means
although we fly our model airplanes the Year Round, there will be
fewer good flying days available to us due to increased windy days
​and colder temperatures. That doesn't mean though, that we are
inactive. There will still be good days to go to the field and fly and
​visit with our friends, and of course next month is our annual meeting. I keep the site updated through the winter, but there might
​be fewer updates as the activity of the club is lower this time of year.
​For those of you that have pictures you want posted, please send them as an e-mail sttachment to me at digiplane@comcast.net. Merry Christmas and keep them flying !