To Play Video, Click On Icon In Middle And Turn On Speakers

This is a 4 and 1/2 minute video that tells you a little about us and our club. Click on the arrow in the ​middle of the video icon and turn on your sound. By the end of this month (August 2017) there ​will be e-mail links for you to contact us us as well as a sign up form.

Members Roster

The Club Roster is now available. Simply Click on the Club Roster Button below to bring it up. I have had a few problems with it when using Microsofts new browser, Edge. It will work but 4 or 5 boxes pop up before the file will open. I also use my older Internet Explorer and it works better. Only one box comes up, and it asks what I want to do with the file. At this point click on "Open" and when you do the password box opens. We no longer need a user name and a password, just a password. Squeeky will e-mail you all all with the password, which we will change the day of our annual meeting each year. Any questions, let me know.

Club Roster