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Our President, Chris Hulen, put a Hi Rez camera on one of his airplanes and took
​it around the pattern a couple times. It's just like being in the cockpit. Enjoy !

This is a video I took on 7-28-17 at our club field. I used a Run Cam 2 mounted on top of
the wing of my S-Cub. I wanted to see the tip of the fuslage and the prop so it looked like
your sitting in the cockpit. A PLeasant surprise was the prop sound. Not bad for an electric.

A lot of us have taught student pilots how to fly our Radio Controled Airplanes. In our minds, the hardest​
​part is how to land. Well the same thing is true in real aircraft. I used to fly and  and I remember as a student,
the sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, and the smell of passing gas ! here is an interesting video of that very thing.
​This student literally forgot how to position himself  to land his airplane. I'll tell you up front, he IS a good desicion
maker and things turned out well. Take a look at the video. Some of this applies to our Radio Controlled aircraft
​as well.