We have been happy with our new Web Site with the exception of the E-Mail Page. I have redesigned it to make it simpler and more effective.
To E-Mail the club, write us at:

I still need some of you members to send me some of your pictures and movies. I do
​what I can, but we need pictures from other clubs and some pictures and movies from
the War Bird Meets and Jets Over Georgia would be fantastic ! The clubs E-Mail system won't
support attachments yet, so in the meantime, send them to my personal e-mail account
​which is:

This is Friendly Flyers Membership Application. Simply download it from this site, ​fill it out completely and mail it along with your check to Ed Gruba, address below. ​If you have any questions, E-Mail us using the contact form above and we
​will get back to you. **

** Because of the owner of the properties request, and insurance stipulations, we are limited in the number of members we can acommadate. When applying for
membership, please e-mail us above to assure there is an opening. If there isn't,
​we will contct you as soon as one becomes available